My Idea of Healthy

I have noticed in looking up 'healthy' recipes since I started this blog that one person's idea of great health food may be another person's idea of asking for a heart attack. My idea of 'healthy' food has certainly evolved over that time, too. What follows is what I think of as healthy right now. It's likely to change, so some recipes I have posted or will post may not fit this - I certainly don't claim to be perfect, even by my own standards!

"Eat food, mostly plants, not too much" -  That is from Michael Pollan, and I totally agree.

Minimal processing - This one can be really tough when looking for quick recipes. I do use canned items for speed, but I know it's a compromise. Still, I'd rather make that compromise than not know what's in my food! Where possible, I go for the canned kinds that don't add extra stuff.

Fat and calories are not evil - I am an active person, and am not trying to lost weight. Calories give us energy to do all the things we want to do, and fat is necessary for absorbing nutrients and for brain function (among other things.)

Animals can be tasty, but should be raised sustainably - A lot of my recipes are vegetarian (or really close to it) because I don't eat very much meat. I don't have a problem with eating some meat, but lots is not necessary. The way most animals we eat are raised is bad for them and bad for the areas they're raised in, which sounds to me like they're bad for us in the end. I believe that my voice to the people raising meat is where I use my dollars, and I want to make it heard.