Thursday, January 28, 2010

Coupes Moka

Well, I'm going with the French title on this one, because it's pretty and doesn't sound quite as... unusual as the logical American translation. It's a gelatin dessert made with coffee. As long as the texture doesn't bother you, it's REALLY good. For my non-coffee readers, I have this suggestion: try it with hot chocolate. I kid you not; I think it would be worth trying. Whatever you choose to make this with, make certain that it's a drink you honestly enjoy, since the flavor will be center stage.

I served this one at my crepe party, too, and I think that 6 out of the 8 people liked it. I can't be sure, of course, because maybe some people were trying to be nice. I told them I wouldn't be at all offended b/c it was an experiment and I just wanted to try it because I had never seen such an idea. One person didn't finish it, another finished but kept making faces and couldn't get past the texture. I think that part of the success with the rest of us, me included, was the whipped cream on top. Since I was serving it with coffee, I flavored some with irish cream and some with amaretto, but plain would work, too.

If you would rather have a low-fat version, add some flavor to non-dairy whipped topping or decrease the amount of whipped cream each gets. I made my gelatin in a silicone muffin pan. If yours is metal, you should probably spray it with cooking spray to avoid headaches later. It was about 1/4 cup each, the right amount for a 2nd dessert, like mine was. You could easily make this 4 or 6 as well. If you have enough matching mugs or martini glasses, either would be a fun way to serve it. My gelatin was a little thick because I skimped on the coffee, but I am going to play with an even thinner version to get rid of the "hmm, a little odd" factor.

Coupes Moka
Serves: 8 Prep time: 10 minutes, then chill for 2 hours, then 10 more minutes

For the cups:
2 packets unflavored gelatin
1/2 cup cold water
2 cups GOOD fresh brewed coffee

For the whipped cream:
2/3 cup heavy cream
3 Tablespoons powdered sugar
1 Tablespoon liquor OR 1 tsp vanilla

To make the cups:
- Place water in a medium bowl. Sprinkle both gelatin packets over water and allow to set for at least 5 minutes.
- While gelatin is sitting, brew coffee. Yes, you want it super fresh for best flavor.
- As soon as coffee brews, pour in a steady stream over gelatin, mixing constantly until all gelatin is dissolved.
- Pour into super cute little cups, or a muffin tin. Chill at least two hours.

To make the whipped cream:
- Place cream in a large bowl (this is to avoid spattering, I know it's a small amount). With an electric mixer, preferably with whisk attachment(s), whip until cream starts to thicken (took mine about 30 seconds).
- Add sugar and flavoring, whipping until the cream forms soft peaks (you can see the tracks of the beaters a little) but not too much past that or else it will get too stiff and start to separate (=yuck).

To serve:
Place each individual gelatin, upside-down, onto a small plate and top with whipped topping.

Nutrition info (for 1/8th recipe including cream): Calories: 105 Fat: 3.5g Carbs: 17g Protein: 1.5g


  1. I'm having nightmares of coming home one day to find JonE has made jello with hot chocolate cuz Wil didn't say it had to be plain jello....

  2. *Evil laugh*

    Ok, that was just my first reaction. Good point, am fixing now.


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