Friday, March 26, 2010

DRAT it all! (But a new look!)

Last week I made some Kale chips. I was apparently ahead of some other food bloggers for once! Even though people have been posting about them for years! But, I kept forgetting to take a picture and being too busy to write the post. So what happens? Somebody else I read often (with a large following) posted hers today. Darn it! And yesterday I even failed to post. *sigh* I could have been before her. I guess that's what I get. I'll post them later. Or next week if I don't have anything else. I might not. Moving on, then...

I found a fantastic thing! How to make Blogger look...... DIFFERENT! I know people can do it. I know normal people do it. So it couldn't be that hard, right? Right?? Well, today I found a blog with tutorials on how to do some of the stuff and started playing with it. Yay! More fun changes to come, do not worry :)

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