Thursday, September 23, 2010

Saturday Splurge idea

Tonight at the house we made Take 5 candy bars. If you've never tried them, you probably shouldn't. They are horribly addictive, I'm sure. People were excited at the thought of making a good candy bar. We talked about other things, too, and one of the topics was marshmallows. If I ever sell baked goods, one of the things will be homemade s'mores. Homemade graham crackers, high quality chocolate (fair trade would be a nice touch!) and marshmallows. I love Cooking for Engineers, and he has good info on marshmallows with a nice recipe, too. Before I open a bakery, I'll have to find a good corn syrup source that doesn't add the high-fructose variety. A vegetarian (ie no gelatin) version could be worth a search, too.


  1. You've never had a take 5 candy bar before? Those are one of my favorites- although hard to find now. Or maybe I just don't see them because I don't really buy candy....

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Take 5 candy bars - but I never see them anywhere anymore, either. I would love to know how one makes those!


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