Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Almond Boulettes - Take 2 and a poll

I found out where to get rose water in Austin! Actually, I found out over a month ago. I just didn't get there. Well, this weekend we went. We also got some halva (sesame paste mixed with sugar pretty much.) So, having rose water in hand, I had to make the Tunisian Almond Pastries again. I mixed up the pulverized almond with the powdered sugar, and added a splash of rose water. It was crazy! Just like I had spilled rose perfume in the room. I stirred it in, but it needed more liquid. I ended up added plain water to make the 'dough' hold together. Dan and I tasted it, but it was just so much like biting into a chewy rose petal that it was distracting. Not bad, but that's not something I normally eat. Enter chocolate:

Yes, the picture's a little sad, I know. But the addition of a chocolate coating really helped! It's still definitely rose flavored, but the chocolate balances it to make it an interesting combination instead of taste bud confusion. If I ever make these for money, I will certainly take a class in making the chocolate more even, but for now my own taste buds really don't care. I think that next time I will use about a 1/2 teaspoon of rose water diluted in 1/4 cup of plain water to see how that goes. I need to figure out how they really do it...

The poll that I promised:
What should I call these? "Almond balls" seems very dull, and I don't think they're dull. Give me your answers as comments. Here's what I came up with:
A - Almond Boulettes (adding in some of the French name)
B - Almond Kaaber (adding in some Arabic)
C - Almond Pastries
D - You think I'm boring and would like to propose a name I didn't give.

Thanks for your help!


  1. I liked 'A' just fine, JE is asleep so I didn't have him to translate for me to be sure what it said ;-}
    If I needed to make up a nother choice it would be almond truffles because they look just like some of the truffles Le makes at Christmas and gives away to other people...*sigh* kidney stones are no excuse to deprive your mom of Christmas goodies... especially if you aren't going to make her divinity which she CAN have, if you leave the nuts out!
    Hi Beki! xoxoxox

  2. I need to stop doing school work I haven't had a chance to look at blogs all week! Anyway that said I think they should have a more mysterious name make it all French!. My name is Baisses rose d'amande de chocolat per babelfish this is Chocolate rose almond drops. Or you could do Baisses d'amande de chocolat chocolate almond drops. =)

  3. lol, I love online translators! Baisse is drop - like a drop in prices, or temperature, or a market. But the idea is good.... I'll have to look in whichever HP has 'lemon drops' as the password to see if there's a less literal translation.

  4. I prefer "Franco-Arabic Delicatesticles."


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