Friday, January 16, 2009

Baked potato with tempting toppings

This was found on our school lunch menu in elementary school at least once a month, and the name sort of stuck in my house. It's a great way to use left-overs in a tasty way, though freshly chopped or cooked toppings work just as well.

Microwave "baked" potatoes
- Take one medium/large potato per person. Wash and remove eyes.
- Prick several times with a fork and microwave for 4 minutes per potato.
- Test potato doneness with a fork, and turn on for 1-3 minutes more per potato as needed.
- Top and eat!
- Note: with a large number of potatoes, it may be quicker to bake the potatoes in the oven. Turn it on to 425, wrap the potatoes in aluminum foil, and bake for 45 minutes.

Topping ideas - to be gathered while potatoes are cooking
- Bacon bits
- Sour cream or plain yogurt
- Left over meat (ground beef, chicken, turkey, deli meat that needs to be used, etc.)
- Grated or sliced cheese
- Ranch dressing, barbecue sauce, or ketchup
- Chopped onions, tomatoes, bell pepper, or avocado
- Refried beans (may seem weird, but I like it)
- Soups (tomato or cream of whatever-you-like)

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