Saturday, January 24, 2009

Couscous & chickpea salad

A recipe to go with my favorite pasta recommendation. The time I took a picture, I added 1 bell pepper and 1 small cucumber, cut into small cubes. Olives would be a good addition, too.

Couscous & chickpea salad
Serves 3-4 (as main dish – 6-8 if a side!)

1 c water
1 c couscous
1 cube/teaspoon chicken (or veggie, or anything) bullion

1 (15 oz) can chickpeas
1 med. tomato (or 2 roma tomatoes)
1 clove garlic
¼ t chili powder (I used chipotle chili powder, but cayenne or another would work)
1/2 t dry basil
feta cheese

- Boil water with bullion in medium sauce pan. When water reaches a steady boil, remove pot from heat and pour in couscous. Cover with lid, let sit for 5 minutes while you prepare the rest.
- Chop tomato into small cubes, put into large bowl. Mince garlic (I use a press) and add to bowl with tomatoes. Open and drain chickpeas, add to bowl. Add chili powder and basil to bowl, stir.
- When couscous is ready (when the 5 minutes is up) add it to the bowl and mix.
- Serve immediately or put in the fridge to chill. I like to have the feta available for those who want it to put on top of their own.

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