Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I love my microwave

But sadly right now it's broken, so preparing dinner takes a lot of time and fore thought. When my microwave is running one of my favorite things to use when making dinner are the Ziploc Zip & Steam bags.

I'm not trying to be a commercial but they really are are great as all the commercials make them seem. They don't take any additional water, butter or oil (they use the water found in foods to cook).

There are recipes on the actual Ziploc website and others can be found can of course be found with a search engine.

The bags can be found at most every grocery or department store with the other Ziploc products. I buy mine at the warehouse store in packages of 40. I believe they are labeled one time only use, but if I've only cooked vegetables I do rinse and reuse them, just not if I cooked meat.

Try it out, and think of me having to defrost meat for days in the fridge and be glad your microwave works!

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